John and Ashley Edwards opened the doors to Downtown Grill in May of 2008.
The idea, however, sprouted in 1995, when the newly married couple moved to
Fayette County from Atlanta. They loved the golf cart paths and slower pace
of life in their new home, but they missed the restaurants of Atlanta.

They yearned for a restaurant close to their new home with interesting food,
a warm and inviting atmosphere, and great service. What they found was a
string of common chain restaurants, which fell short of the "wow" factor.
Thus, they spent years driving into Atlanta to satisfy their craving for
a unique dining experience. They knew they weren't the only people in Fayette
County in search of something more...
and there began the idea for Downtown Grill.

Great food is a way of life for John and Ashley. They both love to cook, and
appreciate recipes that blend unexpected ingredients. Their favorite hobby is
checking out all the top rated restaurants in Atlanta, and wherever their
travels take them. Food is an experience for them, and they are thrilled to
bring that to Fayette County.

John has been in the food business since he was a teenager, and loves to see
people enjoying a well prepared meal. He thrives on creating an atmosphere
where everybody who walks through the doors is important and welcome.
He is committed to using the highest quality ingredients in every menu item.
John's high standard of food and service is evident in every aspect of
Downtown Grill. We look forward to seeing you soon!